ameira. fifteen years old. indonesian. a girl who loves fangirling "love means never say you're sorry" - love rain []

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yes this is how it goes for my ships too tbh

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"Open it…


Rather than a law firm assistant, that look better on you.”

my true otp……lol

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unacceptably beautiful [bw194]

p.s. I love how she draws his face. I’ve tried and I know that Jongsuk’s face is not easy to get right, but she manages to capture it so well!!! I don’t reblog everything from her, since that would be rude… but please go to her blog and appreciate all her artwork~ :D

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boa & sehun - only one
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Adventures of rich-boy-young-lion-forever-gucci Seunghoon
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jongin trying to take luhan’s clothes off
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When 50% of yixing’s screentime is him translating

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115-121/endless gifs of jung soojung’s perfection

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The best taohun fansite masters (and bloggers) named Tao and Sehun divided their task as to who's gonna post here and there.
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